An ardent advocate for innovation in musculoskeletal care, Scott LaRoque is at the forefront of reshaping the healthcare narrative. As the CEO and founder of MPOWERHealth, he has pioneered value-based care solutions that champion the autonomy and success of independent musculoskeletal physicians, hospitals, and payors. Based in Texas, MPOWERHealth has under Scott’s stewardship emerged as a significant player, catering to over 400 physicians, servicing more than 40,000 patients yearly, and extending its reach to over 300 facilities across 24 states.

Scott’s journey in healthcare began with a solid foundation in biology, earning his Bachelor of Science from the esteemed University of Texas, Austin. Further honing his knowledge, Scott pursued advanced studies at Vanderbilt University. This academic backdrop paved the way for his impressive foray into healthcare entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of digital health solutions.

His standout successes with startups and ventures are a testament to his unique confluence of clinical knowledge and business acumen. At the core of Scott’s leadership style is a commitment to servant-minded strategies, an approach that ensures MPOWERHealth not only delivers enhanced business practices but also tangible improvements in patient outcomes.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Scott’s heart beats for global health. His philanthropic footprint is evident in his unwavering support for medical missions in Africa. A testament to his dedication to knowledge transfer, he has established a neurophysiology fellowship program aimed at training physicians for developing nations.

In the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, Scott stands as a beacon for independent musculoskeletal care, tirelessly working towards improved quality, efficiency, and outcomes. Through his vision and initiatives, he is not just shaping the present but also laying the groundwork for a more inclusive, efficient, and patient-centric future of healthcare.