A Better Way for Navigating Patient Care, Cost and Quality

Through technology and analytic-driven guardrails, MPOWERHealth 360CareNav helps to reduce the overall cost of musculoskeletal care while improving quality.

This comprehensive digital platform provides the tools and infrastructure for improving patient engagement, provider collaboration, and transitional care. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!

Why Choose MPOWERHealth?

A Comprehensive Patient Engagement Experience

that includes telehealth, digital communications and remote physiological monitoring.

A Strong Adherence to Clinically Driven Care Pathways

to ensure success of our patient outcomes.

Industry Leading Advanced Machine Learning

driving predictive risk and cost modeling.

actionable insight through the continuum of care down to the patient level.

Complete Care Coordination Across Providers

and navigation to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

An Enterprise Data Ecosystem

for measuring and reporting quality metrics to our provider and payor partners.

Patient Centric Technology

creating data driven guardrails to maximize outcomes and minimize risk.

Closing the Gap Between Cost and Quality.

Transitional Care Management

 reducing preventable readmissions during the 30 days following discharge from the acute care setting. 

Remote Monitoring

improving outcomes, reducing adverse events and preventing rehospitalization  through early identification and proactive management of vitals and symptoms.

Chronic Care Management

 including a comprehensive care plan that helps to manage goals while coordinating providers, medications, community services, and other information regarding patient’s health. It also explains the care needed and how it is being coordinated.