The MPOWERHealth Physician Networks are musculoskeletal clinically integrated networks that foster collaboration and enhanced quality through shared resources, advanced technology and clinical best practices.

By creating alignment with emerging models of care delivery, our Physician Networks give musculoskeletal physicians the ability to demonstrate their quality and efficiency to not only their patients, but also payors and employers.


Payors are shifting reimbursement from fee-for-service to value-based metrics. This creates a greater need for innovation and insight that improves quality and efficiency while driving down overall cost of care.

The combination of provider and payor consolidation, technology advancement, legislative and consumer pressure and more physician employment by payors, providers and private equity is making it difficult for independent physicians to maintain autonomy. Independent physicians are struggling to prosper in a value-based healthcare environment without the necessary infrastructure, insights, and tools to compete with large health systems.


Driven by our vision to empower better healthcare, MPOWERHealth has developed a comprehensive musculoskeletal Physician Network.

As a physician-led organization, the network empowers independent physicians to improve quality, promote efficiency, manage costs and drive exceptional patient experience, bringing increased value in musculoskeletal care to the market.

MPOWERHealth supports participating physicians with the data analytics and information technology tools necessary for:

  • surfacing actionable insights to drive improvements
  • navigating and managing episodes of care
  • benchmarking to peers and market performance
  • measuring quality outcomes
  • advancing provider, payor and employer collaboration


By increasing quality and efficiency, improving patient care and bringing an increased value to the market, MPOWERHealth Physician Network participants realize improved reimbursements that recognize and reward the quality and scope of the Physician Network.


The MPOWERHealth Physician Network creates value through a comprehensive ecosystem to help generate savings and drive efficiencies through value-based incentive structures, direct-to-employer contracts, group purchasing, clinical services and business process solutions.

Interested in becoming an MPOWERHealth Network provider?