With dedicated RCM strategists and advanced analytics, helping you turn your data into actionable insights.

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Navigating Course When Managing A Practice Can Be Challenging.

Your revenue cycle data can serve as a roadmap if you understand what it’s telling you.

MPOWERHealth RCM Solutions provides you with the right foundation for performance, so that you can:

  • Identify negative patterns or trends in minutes
  • Evaluate areas of cash opportunity daily
  • Ensure A/R processes focus on claims that will generate the most return today
  • Drive sustainable performance improvement—by site, specialty, and staff member

The sooner your practice leverages data to streamline operations and reduce your cost to collect, the more sustainable your practice will be in the future.

How We Do It – The Advantage Suite

Revenue Cycle Analytics | Workflow Automation | Practice Management Software Dedicated Expertise 

Our Secret Weapons: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that Integrate with Your EHR.

Through our decades of experience providing billing and collection services to physician practices, we have found that traditional workflows, methods, and strategies no longer work.

This is why we leverage AI-driven RCM Workflow Automation and analytics software, providing total transparency into your practice’s financial and operational performance. By automating the insurance claims process you eliminate human error and ensure claims are submitted right the first time to avoid reimbursement and payment delays.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Base Your Decisions on Facts, not Feelings. With numbers to back up your decisions, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice for your practice. 

Revenue Cycle Analytics helps you benchmark progress. Giving you real-time access to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and specialty specific benchmarks you care about most so you can compare how you are doing against other similar practices. 

MPOWERHealth RCM Scorecard. An analytics-as-a-service solution that takes the burden of analysis off you and ensures you get the answers you need quickly.

Workflow Automation

RCM Workflow Automation uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assign claims to billing staff that will have the most return. 

  • Monitor the status of every claim in accounts receivable (A/R) in real-time 
  • Understand which claims have been processed and which ones have not 
  • Know who each claim is assigned to in the billing office 
  • View staff productivity and optimize workflows from any location with an internet connection Gain full visibility into individual employee and department performance 
  • Use analytics to understand areas of process improvement 
  • Have complete accounting of all outstanding claims 

MPOWERHealth Practice Management Software


Optimize scheduling and streamline front-office workflow processes, including:

  • Self patient registration and mobile/kiosk check-in
  • Financial clearance workflow optimization
  • Real-time or advance eligibility checks
  • Integrated patient payment and collections
  • Patient cost estimator


Simplify complex billing processes with an intuitive solution that reduces write-offs, denials, and reimbursement delays. 


MPOWERHealth Practice Management has built in analytics, providing a complete view of your practice’s financial and operational performance:

  • Revenue Cycle Analytics Solutions
  • Power Analytics
  • RCM Scorecard

Dedicated Expertise

MPOWERHealth provides a dedicated RCM analyst to review metrics that matter and present practical recommendations designed to:

  • IMPROVE your bottom line
  • PROVIDE total visibility into your revenue cycle
  • REDUCE operational cost
  • INCREASE patient revenue

Use the industry’s most knowledgeable medical billing professionals and revenue cycle management technology.

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