Steps For New Providers Not Part Of An Existing Contracted Group:

  • Apply on the MPOWERHealth website,
  • Create a login and password. Set-up a provider account
  • Enter all applicable information and include all necessary documents
  • Submit application

We will use the information provided to identify the next steps for contracting and will reach out directly as appropriate.

Already A Contracted MPOWERHealth Provider Group Needing To Add A Provider To Your Contract?

  • Go to
  • Choose provider tools and choose manage practice participants in network.
  • Choose the option to add provider to existing contract
  • Enter all applicable information and include all necessary documents
  • Submit request

    Credentialing Steps:

    • MPOWERHealth will send some basic information to credentialing to begin the credentialing process.
    • Please make sure MPOWERHealth is listed as someone who can query your providers and that your attestation and data is up to date.
    • If you are a facility, we will contact you with instructions on filling out a credentialing application through the portal or submitting a paper application.
    • MPOWERHealth will reach out to you to collect any missing information or required credentialing documentation for the application.
    • Your file will go to the MPOWERHealth credentialing committee for approval.
    • MPOWERHealth’s basic criteria for being in the network: Must have hospital privileges at a network contracted hospital.
    • See the MPOWERHealth website Find a Provider link for facility look-up.
    • To be considered for credentialing into the MPOWERHealth, physicians who graduated from medical school after 1970 must have completed a full internship and residency.
    • MPOWERHealth requires physicians to have current American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board certification (or be in the active process of obtaining such) in the specialty you are practicing in.
    • You must sign an agreement to these requirements PRIOR to MPOWERHealth starting the credentialing process.

    Register and Log In for Network Providers

    Step 1 – Register

    Whether you are interested in becoming a contracted provider/facility or if you are already a contracted provider/facility; we have dedicated staff here to assist you.

    Our staff can help you with:

    • Applications to become a new contracted provider or facility
    • Modify your existing contract
    • Update addresses, phone & fax numbers, etc.
    • Terminate a provider or facility
    • Add providers or facilities to your existing contract
    • Check the status of your application/request

    The information, tools and resources needed to support your office are on this website. Please register to be able to log in and stay connected with us. Together, we can help you give your patients – and our members – the quality, cost-efficient care they deserve.

    Step 2 – Log In


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