MPOWERHealth 360CareNav powered by notia, provides the guardrails necessary for Clinically Integrated Networks and Medical Neighborhoods to deliver high-value, low cost, Orthopedic Health Plan Solutions.

Data Ecosystem (notia)

data ecosystem

360CareNav Technology

MPOWERHealth 360CareNav includes transitional care, chronic care and remote therapy monitoring and features:


AI, Machine Learning and Nurse Navigation

guardrails that enable consistency in positive outcomes and patient experience  resulting in lower overall cost of care


A Comprehensive Patient Engagement Experience

that includes telehealth, digital communications and remote physiological monitoring


Complete Care Coordination Across Providers


Strong Adherence to Clinically Driven Care Pathways

to ensure success of our patient outcomes


An Enterprise Data Ecosystem

for measuring and reporting quality metrics to our provider and payor partners.

Industry Leading Advanced Machine Learning and AI

  • Driving predictive risk and cost modeling
  • Actionable insight through the continuum of care, down to the patient level
  • Delivering the next generation of population health management and filling an open void in specialty care

Patient Centric Technology

  • Creating data driven guardrails to maximize outcomes and minimize risk
  • Highly scalable concierge care

Mature, Scalable and Customizable

  • Easily allows for stakeholder customization in clinical pathways and reporting
  • Care/cost algorithms get “smarter” with time due to machine learning/AI

360CareNav Quality Measures

Infection Rate

Readmission Rate


ER/Urgent Care Visits

Pain Control

Patient Satisfaction

Benchmarking outcomes and patient satisfaction for actionable insight and creating best practices for impactful change.

Delivering Value that Equals Financial Reward